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We are conducting our regular survey to find out what you the visitor think of our Fantasy Cricket competitions. We very much appreciate all feedback given whether positive or negative.

What are your overall opinions of Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket?
Is there anything you would like to see changed/modified in Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket?
Is there anything you would like to see added to the game?
Is there anything that you don't think works and would like to see removed?
Do you feel the current five-day transfer period works well for both ODI and Test cricket? Would you like to see any changes made?
Are you happy with the current points scoring criteria?
Do you feel the documentation gives enough detail on the game and how to play, etc?
For those that have used it, do you feel the support given to any problems/issues was adequate?
Do you play any other online Fantasy Cricket competitions? If so, what are they, and do you play these because Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket lacks particular features?
With prizes not being regularly given out, does this stop you from entering competitions?
Do you feel the design of the Fantasy Cricket needs improvement? Is it easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, etc?
Do you use the Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket Forum? If not, is there any particular reason why you don't?
Any final comments?
Your Email Address (this is not required, and is just here, so if you have any specific feedback, we can get back to you about it)

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