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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to the newest version of Cricket Web’s Fantasy Cricket. In the new update we have made some changes we had planned and also what you the users suggested to us you would like to see included.

Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket

Unfortunately due to bringing the release forward by over a month we were unable to include everything we had planned, so stay tuned in the coming months where we adding even more new features.

So on with what we have included in this update:

The New Look: Well the first striking difference is the look of the Fantasy Cricket section, we have created a more fun look with the bright bold colours and a more user friendly layout and navigation.

Test Cricket Is Here: You asked… we delivered; we have now included Test Cricket into our Fantasy Cricket game. Test cricket works in exactly the same way as the One Day version however the points scoring system has been modified slightly to reflect the Test game.

20/20 Cricket: 20/20 cricket isn’t actually a confirmed feature at this stage. We have added the feature to enable us to add an extra competition with ease such as 20/20 or domestic cricket. However we want to work on ODI & Test cricket for a couple of months first to see how we handle that. If everything goes ok expect to see this as a confirmed addition.

User Leagues: A big addition to Fantasy Cricket is the ability to create user leagues to allow you to invite friends and family etc to participate in private league. You can create an unlimited amount of leagues and invite as many teams as you like.

Modifications: Again we listened to what you have all been saying about the modifications and we feel we have come to a compromise; managers will now be allowed to make unlimited modifications up until the start of a competition. Along with this we have also reduced the normal transfer system during a competition from 7 days down to 5 days.

Points System: We have made a few minor changes to the points scoring that can be seen Here, the introduction of losing points now is included in a small way and a few new scoring areas have been added.

Stats Tracking: From the main page you can now keep track of the latest competitions and the players form. From the ‘Top 5’ boxes you can view how well the players are performing by seeing the leading performers in their respective areas. Also, by using the more links you can obtain a full list of how many points every single player involved in the competition has scored.

Obviously we can’t list all of the changes we have made otherwise your never get to play the game, but its safe to say that there are many more for you to discover as you play.

We appreciate all of comments and suggestions made in the forum and we hope that you enjoy this version of Fantasy Cricket just as much as you did the original; and keep an eye out for new additions in the coming months.

You may or may not have noticed that Fantasy Cricket isn’t the only area we have been working on.

The Front Page has also seen a spot of re-organizing and a tidy up of the links on the left hand menu, along with the re-introduction of the On This Day feature we ran for a while before removing it to allow for an extra headline.

One of the new links on the left hand menu is a new Book Review section that we have created for all of you who enjoy a good read; the section gives an insight to the books and a rating from the reviewer. The list will grow over time and we welcome reviews you have done or suggestions for a book to be reviewed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Fantasy Cricket Feedback

Cricket Web.

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