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Online Games
Below are a collection of cricketing online games that we've put together. If you know of a cricket online game not listed please tell us about it.

Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket - View Larger Image Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket

The best Fantasy Cricket competition website you can find on the internet!

Viewed: 175569 times
CW Cricket - View Larger Image CW Cricket

The latest and greatest addition to Cricket Web family. This long awaited flash cricket game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end! Slog a six, perfectly time a cover drive for four or scamper through for a single, you can do it all in this new state of the art flash game. Take your favourite side for a test drive today!

Viewed: 240082 times
CW Cricket Quiz - View Larger Image CW Cricket Quiz

So you think you know your cricket? Try our great new quizzes. No matter what your interest in the greatest of all games we have a quiz to test your knowledge. In fact we currently have 14 quizzes for your enjoyment!

Viewed: 14284 times
CW Hangman - View Larger Image CW Hangman

Save the cricketer from his horrible fate by guessing the word before the hangman strikes! For each wrong guess, the cricketer approachs his terrible demise.

Viewed: 19015 times
CW Memory - View Larger Image CW Memory

Test your memory with this classic and reinvented board game. The aim is simple; match all the pictures of modern cricketing heroes, one by one. The catch is you can't have any two pictures showing at the same time. Your score is based on the level you play, the quicker you complete the board and how many mistakes you make.

Viewed: 5380 times
CW Crosswords - View Larger Image CW Crosswords

Do you have some spare time? We currently have 4 crosswords for you to immerse yourself in. We know they will be a challenge no matter what your understanding of cricket and we encourage you to study up!

Viewed: 4161 times
Battrick - View Larger Image Battrick

Battrick is a free online cricket management game where you compete against other people to see who is the best at the limited over game. A First Class game will be added in March 2006.

Viewed: 54698 times
Cover Drive - View Larger Image CoverDrive Cricket

Pick a team and compete for the coveted top place in the Coverdrive Hall of Fame! It features a 3D Graphics engine, Choice of 11 teams, 5 Fully-animated batting styles, Above-view radar, Fielder tracking, Skill and strategy, Multi-player chat and an In-game Hall of fame.

Viewed: 25791 times
Cricket Academy - The Ultimate Test - View Larger Image Cricket Academy - The Ultimate Test

Bat, bowl and field your way to Ashes glory in BBC Sport's Cricket Academy game. For those that completed training a while ago, your first Ashes Test password is "Monty". In order to get the latest version of this game, you may need to clear old versions that are stored in your temporary Internet files.

Viewed: 168455 times
Cricket Craziness - View Larger Image Cricket Craziness

The game consists of 15 overs of 6 balls per over and play continues until the overs have been completed or you have lost 10 wickets (whichever is first).

The balls will be bowled at various speeds, lengths and positions and its up to you to chose the appropriate batting stroke to hit the ball.

(Must be registered on the Cricket Web forums to play)
Viewed: 140303 times
Cricket Game - View Larger Image Cricket Game

Select your team or choice one of the pre determined ones.

Then simply pick the bowler for each over, and follow the action

Viewed: 104706 times
Cricket Manager - View Larger Image Cricket Manager

Online Cricket Management Simulation

Viewed: 98407 times
Flash Cricket - View Larger Image Flash Cricket

Flash Cricket gives you the chance to control your favourite International or County Cricket team and lead them to victory in a number of different scenarios.

Viewed: 252653 times
Last Man Standing - View Larger Image Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing gives you a number of scenarios, which will be all too familiar to England fans.

The team are in deep trouble against Australia, with just one wicket remaining. But the good news is that you can single-handedly inspire an amazing comeback to rival Headingley 1981.

Viewed: 152061 times
Last Man Standing - View Larger Image ODI CricSim

ODI CricSim is a text-based flash cricket simulator that crunches over 200 variables to create a ball-by-ball simulation of a match. Choose from any of the major teams and pick a lineup of current players or past greats, or a combination of both!

Viewed: 14577 times
Slog Out - View Larger Image Slogout

Chase down the opposition's total as quickly as you can. And now winning is not enough - boundaries, centuries, net run rate all now count towards your position on the new leaderboard.

Viewed: 126758 times
Smashtastic Cricket - View Larger Image Smashtastic Cricket

Smashtastic Cricket is a fast paced arcade style cricket game with RPG elements. You create a batter and play through his career over 6 World Cups. Your player gains experience by scoring runs and winning games. As your player levels up his skills increase making him a better batter.

Viewed: 13237 times
Stick Cricket - View Larger Image Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket gives you the chance to control your favourite International team and lead them to victory in a number of different scenarios.

Viewed: 213451 times
Table Cricket - View Larger Image Table Cricket

The legendary table top game from your childhood is now a 3D game! Bat in a 20/20 match as your favourite international team. Played in a 3D environment using Unity's realtime physics engine, the game behaves just like the real thing, only you don't have to convince your sister to keep score. Featuring teams from Australia, England, India, New Zealand, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Viewed: 1586 times
Test Cricket Catch - Bring It On - View Larger Image Test Cricket Catch

Test your catching skills in this quick-fire reaction game. Watch out when you miss! Why buy Ashes tickets when you can become the actual wicket keeper in this online cricket catching game. Catch 10 balls in a row to unleash the bonus cracker and try and score as many points as possible. Global ranking and office leagues add to the fun.

Viewed: 51408 times
The Ashes Disaster - View Larger Image The Ashes Disaster

It's day 5 at The Oval - the final day of the final match in the Ashes 2001, England have bowled out the Aussies for just 224 and are currently 164/4 with 60 more runs required for victory.

Can you help them pull it off?

Viewed: 91353 times
The Ashes Game - View Larger Image The Ashes Game

The Ashes - The most realistic and advanced cricket game for the web! Take on England or Australia and battle it out for the Ashes! You can also compete against a friend in the 2-Player Arcade mode.

Viewed: 142749 times
Top Spinner - View Larger Image Top Spinner

Directly control the bat in this simple yet addictive game.

Viewed: 78234 times
Wickets - View Larger Image Wickets

Wickets is an exciting new trump-style cricket game that tests your knowledge of International Cricket by challenging to select your player's best statistic to win Wickets round. The more Wickets rounds you win the more runs you score.The most runs wins Wickets World Cup!

Viewed: 8105 times
World Cup Cricket Flash Game: Hit for Six! World Cup Cricket Flash Game: Hit for Six!

In this tricky game of cricket, your objective is to score as many runs as possible within one over. When the ball is bowled, click your mouse to swing your bat. The better your timing, the harder you'll hit! Extra points are awarded for accuracy.

Viewed: 10330 times

Play a large variety of cricket games

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