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Games & Downloads: International Cricket Captain 2009 - Features
Take charge of your county or international side across unlimited seasons to try to build your ultimate squad, and secure international glory. Controlling every aspect of your team's management, you are in charge of the fate of your side. From youth training and transfers to international selection and in-game tactics, everything is up to you. Have you got what it takes?

This year's edition brings several key new features to the popular Cricket Captain series. With the Twenty20 World Cup and the 2009 Ashes games entering the mix (both as a standalone feature and in-game), now there are even more trophies to be won. There's also an updated online mode with Twenty20 included. Historic Ashes scenarios allow you to experience the past glory of capturing the coveted urn from the old enemy.

Cricket Captain 2009 Ashes Edition is unmatched for gameplay. With improved AI, a new integrated field setting editor, wider camera angles to watch highlights and even more authenticity, this year's game is easily the best edition so far. The match screen has been improved further this year to make it clear, simple to use and more intuitive for those quick captaincy decisions. The new auto-sim feature makes the game play experience more relaxed. Twenty over matches have been another focus, with games now more realistic with higher scores and more sixes being hit, fully completing the experience and prolonging the enjoyment across all forms of the game.

  • The most accurate statistical database of world cricketers currently available in any video game.
  • Updated online offering with brand new T20 game mode.
  • New high resolution interface allows greater access to captaincy-crucial information and enhances your cricket viewing experience.
  • Integrated field-setting editor to allow you to take even more charge as captain of your favourite county or country.
  • Wider camera angle in highlights with improved shot selection and fielding.
  • New game modes include: 2009 and historic Ashes series and the T20 World Cup.
  • Greatly improved match screen with detailed graphics for more on-the-fly captaincy decisions.
  • Improved AI and match engine realism for twenty over matches ensures higher scoring, more aggressive games.
  • Log of training days allocated to a player to help you keep track of your development.
  • Text information on player improvements from technique training.
  • More statistics than ever, with the last 2 years now saved and available to view at any time.
  • More accurate player names with common names used.
  • Improved player ability generation ensures more longevity than any previous ICC game.
  • Improved team selection, including the AI making more use of spinners.
  • Long term test and ODI AI picks improved.
  • AI bidding improvement to create more balanced teams and more competition for top players.
  • Ability to declare during intervals.
  • AI for close finishes and twenty over matches improved for more nail-biters.
  • Batting aggression realism improved, to reflect real matches.
  • Fielding engine enhanced to give greater accuracy and boost highlights watching.
  • New in-game tips to help you master the game.
  • Auto-simulation removes the need for clicking next over - sit back and relax as the cricket unfolds in front of your eyes.

System Requirements

Minimum PC Specification: 1GHz processor or higher, System Memory. 256MB (98SE/ME/XP/2000) 512MB (VISTA)(we would advise that you turn off any background programs under Windows Vista to improve software performance), Windows Operating System. 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 300 MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM x 4, DirectX 9.0 compatible Graphics Card with 64 MB of Video Memory*, *Please note: International Cricket Captain 2009 does not support Integrated/Onboard graphics chipsets and laptops. You can try the demo on your machine to see if it will work before purchase. You will need a DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card (16 bit), DirectX 9.0c (included in the download), Keyboard and Mouse.