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Games & Downloads: Cricket 2002 - Features
  • All the international teams and players.
  • 22 accurately modeled stadia, including various accurate pitch types and conditions, detailed weather effects, and night modes for Day/Night matches.
  • Astonishingly high detail in the players, both in their bodies and equipment but also their faces.
  • Commentary by legendary commentators Richie Benaud and Jim Maxwell.
  • Huge depth of gameplay including hidden teams and tournaments.
  • Simple and intuitive controls using the best features for previous cricket games. Batting control includes the ability to charge the bowler, and bowling includes spin, seam and pace control.
  • Huge 3D stadium sound effects based on real crowd sounds from all over the world. Crowd effects change to reflect peaks and troughs in the game.
  • Pitches reflect the real conditions around the world and will wear over the course of a test match.
  • TV style gameplay including TV overlays and a detailed replay feature allowing the player to view the action from any number of camera views (including of course stump cam and helmet cam) or with the free roving camera.
  • Player Editor allows players to change the features of current team members to your own local team.
  • Flexible play allows the player to be fully involved in the selection of batsmen and bowlers, placing of fielders, manual fielding, or simply let the intelligent AI make these choices for you.
Game Modes
  • Play Now: Jump right into a one day match!
  • Exhibition: Set up a one day match in any country with any teams.
  • World Championship: A limited overs challenge of all 12 teams playing off for the title of World Champion.
  • Knockout: A straight knockout competition for 8 teams where if you lose, you're out of the competition.
  • Test Series: 2 teams play in the ultimate cricket challenge - The Test Match.
  • World Series: 3 teams (one of which is Australia) play in this competition.
  • Sharjah Trophy: 4 teams play against each other for the coveted Sharjah Trophy in Dubai