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Games & Downloads: Brian Lara Cricket 99/Shane Warne Cricket 99 - Features
  • Full 3D Environment: The action takes place in a fully 3D environment enabling a true tv-style presentation to be used. Using up to 16 fixed camera angles and many more 'director' selected ones you can tailor the view to find the ideal personal angle to play from or to watch the action replays. Includes the dynamic 'helmet cam' for first person play.
  • Motion Captured Players: Motion capture technology is used to recreate the perfect movement of the human body and particularly the unique techniques found in cricket. Flowing cover drives, flashing square cuts and deft late cuts are just a few of the batting strokes superbly recreated using this technology. All shots seen in a cricket match have been included. The distinctive differences between the various bowlers also become glaringly apparent when motion capture is used.
  • Control System: There is an intuitive control system in place which is a development of the original system from our immensely successful megadrive games. Batting enables you to select from a variety of shots in an aggressive or standard manner. Your shot selection and timing are important and become crucial on the hardest level. There are defensive shot shortcuts and a 'leave ball', pad up and duck option if you are on the defensive.
  • World Cup - Using the 1996 tournament format.
  • Test Series - Play a 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 match series.
  • Test Season - Steer your team through between 1 and 7 seasons of test cricket. Play test series all around the world in a schedule closely mapped to the real thing.
  • Knockout Tournament - A straight one day knockout tournament involving 8 teams.
  • World Series - Mirrors the Aussie World Series tournament.
  • Friendlies - Customise your match type. Change the format (1 day or unlimited overs), number of days, number of overs, number of innings, pitch type, weather, location and white or colour kits.
  • Classic Matches 10 matches from cricket history - take control at a crucial point of the game and see if you can recreate or change history. Matches include:
  • Leeds 1981 - Botham's Match - take control as Dilley joins Botham in England's 2nd Inns at 135 for 7 after following on.
  • World Cup Final 1996 - Sri Lanka are 2 / 23
  • England v Australia - The Oval 1997 - bowl the Australians out for less than 126 to win the match
  • Pakistan v Sri Lanka - record 1 day score, can you get 371?
  • In game Sounds: A huge store of sounds recorded from matches all around the world provide a superb atmosphere for each game. The crowd's excitement level changes according to the match status.
  • Commentary from Geoff Boycott and Jonathan Agnew: A vast database of comments provides excellent supporting commentary to the game. All players names, team scores, player scores etc.. are included plus pitch reports, team assessments, comments on the shots, wickets, bowling, fielding, umpiring and so on. Its huge this area and is probably the most innovative commentary system yet seen in a sports game.
  • Intelligent Computer Opponent: The computer's batting and bowling AI are highly detailed. In a one day match the batsmen will respond to the current situation realistically, attacking when they should and defending when they should. The computer bowlers will attempt to bowl a good line and length to you and their ability to do so will vary according to the ability of the bowler. They will also slip in the odd bit of variety with bouncers, slower balls, googlies, flippers and arm balls amongst the various bowlers weapons. The computer captains will respond to the match situation with their field and bowling changes. In Test matches the captains will apply the pressure when they deem it necessary and defend when the need arises.
  • Varying Pitch and Weather Conditions: As you tour around the world of cricket you will come across a variety of conditions under which matches will be played. Try to master the techniques needed to successfully compete on the parched pitches of the sub-continent or the green wickets of England. Face the swinging ball when there is cloud cover or revel in the perfect batting conditions of a fine sunny day and a flat wicket.
  • The weather could change as the day progresses and effect the display, gameplay and tactics accordingly. Also, the pitch will wear as the days pass in a Test Match as will the ball condition during an innings.
  • Day / Night Matches: Play under the floodlights in a limited overs match in those stadiums that actually have the lights in real life.
  • Real Player Statistics: Squads of 20 players from the 9 test playing nations and teams from 6 minnow nations - Scotland, Ireland, Bangladesh, UAE, Kenya and Holland. All stats provided by the internet based CricInfo - the home of cricket on the internet.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95 or 98
  • DirectX 6.0
  • Intel Pentium 166 Mhz plus 3D accelerator (see list for compatibility) or Intel Pentium 200 Mhz
  • 16mb RAM
  • Soundcard (SoundBlaster compatible)

Recommended System Requirements

  • Windows 95 or 98
  • DirectX 6.0
  • Intel Pentium 200 Mhz plus 3D accelerator (see list for compatibility)
  • 32mb RAM
  • Soundcard (SoundBlaster compatible)