Cricket Web Stats Spider

I’m proud to announce Cricket Web’s latest feature, Cricket Web Stats Spider.

Cricket Web Stats Spider offers you statistical information and analysis of more than 3000 cricketers and 4000 matches, across 21 nations. All international games ever played are covered from Tests to ODIs to Twenty20! On top of that, you can also analyse teams’ and players’ performances using a wide range of tools, including extensive graph features.

Why the name Stats Spider? To follow the name Cricket Web, the “spider” finds the “stats” on the “web”.

This project is the biggest in the history of the site and has been worked on for nearly two years, and has involved a great number of people. I’d like to extend a huge thanks to the following people who gave up their time to assist with the data and testing of the features in place. It couldn’t have been done without their help. To the following people, thanks:

Anglia Marjadi
Ben James
Craig Walsh
Dean Burns
Grant Scott
Hugo Richards
Jasjit Grewal
Justin Rodgie
Latoya Mason
Lawrence Kuy
Manjunath Reddlapalli
Richard Twyman
Rob Malone

We’ll be looking at making improvements over the next few months, so please feel free to offer suggestions through the forum or via email, and we’ll consider implementing them in future versions of our stats software.


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