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Cricket Web is always looking to enhance the gaming experience for our users and it’s with great pleasure we can now announce the latest updates to Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket!

We as ever have listened to what you have all said in your feedback with all of the changes a direct result of this. On with the details!

1: ODI Points Scoring System
The biggest change to this edition is the scoring system for the One Day International games. A full run down can be seen on the Points Summary page but it has been designed to simplify the system. For example each run now scores one point compared to the one point for every five runs we had before, meaning there is now no need to round scores up. With the batsmen scoring more points the bowlers have had a shake up as well with each wicket now bagging 20 points.

2: The ODI Players Grouping
With it becoming increasingly difficult to find genuine all-rounder(s) for some countries we have decided to modify the team make-up with it now changing to 6 Batsmen, 1 WK and 4 Bowlers. An all-rounder will now be classified as either a batsman or a bowler depending on their strongest ability. They will of course still score points for both disciplines.

3: Disabled Players
Next up when a player is disabled within your team it will now stand out more within your team sheet with a detailed message rather than it just showing “————-” highlighting that a change needs to be made

For example:
Shahid Afridi has been removed from selection from the New Zealand v Pakistan Twenty20 competition due to injury or non-selection. Please select a new player to replace him

4: Pending Teams
You can now add a “Pending” team when a match is in progress, just like you can change your team through Pending Modify Team changes when a match is in progress. This will benefit you if you’re running late in creating a team for a new competition. Your points however won’t start being counted until after the match in progress has been completed.

5: Players’ Countries
The country a player is apart of now shows within the View Team pages to help with team affairs.

6: Competition Details
Rather than just displaying “Competition Not Started” on the Main Menu and Modify Team pages, it now states when the competition will start allowing for planning of your team and modifications, e.g. “Competition Starts 19th December 2010”

7: The Buddy List
The Buddy List is now sorted in alphabetical order.

We hope you like the new additions. We plan to release some more changes in the not to distant future. As ever we welcome any feedback you may have.

Best Regards,

The Fantasy Cricket Team

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