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Cricket players who represented two different countries

Cricket is a very common and followed sport in the Commonwealth Countries, especially in Asian and Australian continent. Becoming a professional cricket player means becoming famous all around the world and the most talented cricketers turn into superstars and legends wearing their home country shirt. Being part of the National Team is a pride that players dream about during their entire career. 

Some cricketers, anyway, reached another level of parochialism, playing for two different National Teams! How was it possible and why would a cricketer want to play for two different countries? Let’s find it here in this article. You can also use a Netbet bonus code if you feel like betting.

Eoin Morgan 

Eoin Morgan is the first cricket player on our list and he is still in the business. Morgan is the current T20 and ODI Captain of England, but being born in Dublin in 1986, first played for his home country Ireland. Eoin Morgan played for Irelend between 2006 and 2009, while since 2009 he has been playing constantly for the ENglish National team, becoming captain. 

Luke Ronchi

Is playing both for Ireland and England enough, in terms of sporting rivalry? Some Britons would say yas, but Luke Ronchi did even better, playing for the Australian Kangaroos and the New Zealand Kiwis. 

Ronchi was Born in New Zealand but raised in Australia, starting to play for Australia in 2008 and continuing his international career with New Zealand between 2013 and 2017. During his ODI debut in 2008 Ronchi was wearing the Australian shirt against West Indies, while his last match was against Bangladesh, on the New Zealander side. Ronchi played in different clubs all around the world, between New Zealand, Australia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Guyana and England…a real globe trotter! 

Kepler Wessels 

Kepler Wessels, born in South Africa in 1957, has worn the South African and Australian shirt during his international career, being successful on both sides. To this day, he remains to be the only person to score 1000 runs in test matches for both the countries he has represented.

Wessels’ career with those two different National Teams is not made by “just few caps”: the Southafrican cricket player has played 50 matches for both teams and is the first cricketer to play for two full members of the ICC. Many consider Kepler Wessels the best cricket player ever to play for two different national teams, thanks to his performances and statistics both with South Africa and Australia.  

Abdul Hafeez Kardar

Here we go again, sporting (and social, national etc) rivalry, probably one of the most important in the world: India and Pakistan. Abdul Haters Kardar was the first captain of the Pakistan national team and is considered the father of Pakistan cricket. 

His debut as peo cricket player internationally was anyway playing for the Indian national team. The reason is easy to understand and it is part of the infamous rivalry between the two countries: Kardar played with the Indian national team before India’s independence; after that he chose to represent Pakistan, becoming a true Pakistan cricket legend.

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