Cricket Coach Pro – First News

Cricket Coach
Cricket Coach

Rockingham Software Ltd have released details of Cricket Coach Pro which includes many new features to the popular simulation game.

Cricket Coach Pro is the Softwrap version, and shouldn’t be be confused with the game you can purchase in shopping outlets across the UK.

Features for Cricket Coach Pro edition include:

Bowling plans editor – a new concept for cricket management titles enables you to construct your own plans against each batsman. Choose your own field setting, suggest a line and length and even the type of ball movement and hope that your bowler is good enough to put in place your plan!

Real life records – can you alter history and put your name in the record books? Real life records for Test match, one day international, first class and list A cricket are fully included and easily editable – meaning you can keep them fully up to date.

Man of the match awards – will you agree with the man of the match award? It won’t matter so long as you keep winning and your players keep performing, man of the match awards will serve to boost individuals confidence!

Improved news items – each news item now includes a little snippet of information about the player in question, giving you essential background reading.

Skin changer – easily switch between skins within the game without any hassle.

Player photos – add your own player photos to the game and view them on their profile.

Scorecard output – output scorecards of your classic matches to HTML format and share them with the world.

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