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Cricket Coach
Cricket Coach

Rockingham Software have released version 1.04 of Cricket Coach, with a demo and a trial version now available for download.

The two versions can be downloaded here.

These were the fixes made:

Version 1.04 – Released 6th May 2006

* Note save games from previous versions are not compatible with v1.04 and will not load

+ Fixed commentary so when ball doesn’t carry it isn’t reported as a dropped catch

+ Fixed spelling of Howzat

+ Removed any possible chance of lbw decision being turned down, then a batsman being given out lbw

+ Fixed bug with team finance seasonal totals not resetting at the end of a season

+ Improved sorting algorithms for domestic tournaments

+ Fixed bug where player contract lengths and form weren’t randomised each time we start a new career

+ Fixed issue with new players remaining unhappy when moving to a new club

+ Added code to slightly improve a players condition each day providing they aren’t injured or playing a match

+ Fixed issue where fixtures screen wasn’t being shown

+ Improved look of fixtures in progress screen

+ Reduced chance of rain in South Africa in April

+ Altered contracts code slightly so that each domestic team will have more flexibility to sign players.

+ Fixed bug where after a computer team took the new ball occasionally the game had the same bowler at both ends

+ Fixed bug where occasionally a new batsman wouldn’t come to the crease and the one that was out kept batting

+ Fixed bug where empty information boxes would occasionally appear

+ Enhanced news items related to contracts

+ Added information text to aid the user in understanding transfer/contracts in the game

+ Fixed crash bug in contract screen

+ Several other minor fixes

+ Added explanation as to where save games are stored

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