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Cricket Coach

Rockingham Software have released version 1.05 of Cricket Coach, with an updated demo and trial version now available for download.

The two versions can be downloaded here.

These were the fixes made:

Version 1.05 – Released 24th May 2006

* This patch is save game compatible

+ Fixed problems that occured when loading/saving whilst in the middle of a match

+ Fixed bug where user wasn’t given option of enforcing the follow on (new to 1.04)

+ Fixed bug where user couldn’t change the bowler at the start of a day

+ Fixed bug where 2020 knockout games werent appearing on todays fixtures, which was hanging game

+ Improved match preview screen

+ Improved player form screen, added date of performance, and ensured performances are shown as most recent first

+ Improved contract negotiation screen. Fixed bugs relating to offering deals and improved layout and colour scheme.

+ Adjust one day squad selection code so that countries take an extra batsman instead of a 5th seamer

+ Fixed rare crash bug when attempting to load a game under certain configurations

+ Fixed potential crash bug on main screen when following links from news

+ Fixed manhatten graph

+ Adjusted international series info box so that series are shown in a more sensible fashion

+ Fixed small bug where overs left in day could show -2 if team were bowled out late on in the day

+ Made it so run rate required is zero when a match has been won (rather than minus something)

+ Fixed small bug with mini scoreboard when showing team chasing total in one day match

+ Fixed rare crash bug when reporting winners of a competition

+ Fixed issue with competitions menu when coaching Australia

+ Fixed issue where out of contract players stayed for an extra day before leaving

+ Fixed text overlap on match summary screen and added notice of a follow-on

+ Fixed text overlap on player contract details page

+ Fixed bug where Australian players didn’t get set to “On International Duty” whilst the World Cup was on.

+ Fixed minor bug where information box could appear twice and needed 2 clicks (new to 1.04)

+ Fixed bug where final wicket of match wouldn’t get information box

+ Fixed bug where rain information box wasn’t giving correct number of minutes (new to 1.04)

+ Fixed bug where new ball button dissapears if you go to main screen and back

+ Fixed maidens code

+ Slightly reduced the chance of a player getting injured

+ Improved alignment of icons in match summary screen

+ Added final information box confirming result at end of match

+ Fixed bug where 5wi was given to every player in an innings

+ Fixed bug where coming out of autorun as unemployed allowed you to view team details of Australia

+ Adjusted Australian domestic competitions so final is played at correct ground

+ Fixed spelling mistake where “edge” was spelt “edte”

+ Fixed code relating to getting out off a wide

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