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Stats and Trivia

Gulu Ezekiel | 6:55pm gmt 05 Jan 2012
Some quotes on India/Australia cricket

1: The series was one of my pleasantest. There was a wonderful sense of camaraderie among the players on both sides.

Sir Don Bradman on India's first series against Australia in 1947/48

2: I'll be having nightmares of Sachin just running down the wicket and belting me back over the head for six.

Shane Warne after Tendulkar's twin centuries in Sharjah in 1998

3: Only one team was playing with the spirit of the game.

Anil Kumble after the stormy Sydney Test in January 2008

4. I felt shattered when the umpire lifted his finger. But then the umpire's decision is final.

Maninder Singh on being given out lbw with the scores tied at Madras in 1986.

5. The final frontier

Australian captain Steve Waugh on the eve of the 2001 series in India.

6. This boy is from heaven. He will do anything.

Australian journalist Tim Laine after Sachin Tendulkar's century at Perth at the age of 19 in 1992.

7. It's truly a special feeling to walk in to such a reception, when I don?t know if I'm batting on zero or on 100.

Sachin Tendulkar on his reception in the fourth and final Test at Adelaide in 2008.

8. An innings played with one leg and one eye.

Jack Fingleton after watching Tiger Pataudi's innings of 75 at Melbourne in 1967/68, played with a pulled hamstring.

9. Something inside me just snapped.

Sunil Gavaskar after nearly conceding the Melbourne Test in 1981 after being given out lbw.

10. Very Very Special Laxman.

Ian Chappell on VVS Laxman's 281 against Australia at Kolkata in 2001.

Some Statistics

Test matches

Played (From 1947): 78; India won: 20; Australia won: 34; drawn: 23; tied: 1


Played (From 1980): 105; India won: 36; Australia won: 61; tied: 0; NR: 8

Highest totals (Test matches)

India: 705 for 7 declared; Sydney, 2003-04
Australia: 674; Adelaide, 1947-48


India: 354 for 7; Nagpur, 28/10/09
Australia: 359 for 2; Johannesburg, 23/3/03
Australia: 359 for 5; Sydney, 87/2/04

Lowest totals (Test matches)

India: 58; Brisbane, 1947-48
Australia: 83; Melbourne, 1980-81

India: 64; Sydney, 8/1/81
Australia: 101; Perth, 8/12/91

Largest victories (Test matches)

India: Innings and 228 runs; Kolkata, 1997-98
Australia: Innings and 226 runs; Brisbane, 1947-48

By runs

Australia: 342 runs, Nagpur, 2004-05
India: 320 runs, Mohali, 2008-9

By wickets

10 wickets: Australia: Calcutta, 1969-70
Australia: Brisbane, 1991-92
Australia: Mumbai, 2000-01
India: 7 wickets; Delhi, 1969-70
7 wickets: Delhi, 1996-97
7 wickets: Bangalore, 2010-11

Batting (Most runs)

Test matches


Sachin Tendulkar: M: 31; I: 59; NO: 7; Runs: 3151; HS: 241 n.o; Av: 60.59


Ricky Ponting: M: 25; I: 45; NO: 3; Runs: 2011: HS: 257; Av: 47.88



Sachin Tendulkar: M: 68; I: 67; NO: 1; Runs: 3058; HS: 175; Av: 46.33


Ricky Ponting: M: 56; I: 56; NO: 5; Runs: 2149; HS: 140 n.o; Av: 82.46

Highest score (Test matches)


VVS Laxman: 281; Kolkata, 2000-01


Ricky Ponting: 257; Melbourne, 2003-04



Sachin Tendulkar: 175, Hyderabad; 5/11/09


Ricky Ponting: 140 n.o., Johannesburg; 23/3/03

Most hundreds (Test matches)


Sachin Tendulkar: 11


Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden, David Boon: Six each



Sachin Tendulkar: 9


Ricky Ponting: 6

Most runs in a series (Test matches)


Rahul Dravid (2003-04): M: 4; I: 8; NO: 3; R: 619;HS: 233; Av: 123.80


Don Bradman (1947-48): M: 5; I: 6; NO: 2; R: 715; HS: 201; Av: 178.75

Most wickets (Test matches)


Anil Kumble: 111 in 20 Test matches


Brett Lee: 53 in 12 Test matches



Kapil Dev: 41 wickets in 45 ODIs


Brett Lee: 51 wickets in 30 ODIs

Best bowling in innings (Test matches)


Jasu Patel: 9 for 69, Kanpur, 1959-60


Jason Krejza: 8 for 215, Nagpur, 2008-09

Best bowling in a match


Harbhajan Singh: 15 for 217, Chennai, 2000-01


Allan Davidson: 12 for 124, Kanpur, 1959-60

Best bowling (ODIs)


Murali Kartik: 6 for 27, Mumbai, 17/10/07


Ken MacLeay: 6 for 39, Nottingham, 13/6/83

Most wickets in a series (Test matches)


Harbhajan Singh: 32 (3 Tests) in India, 2000-01


Craig McDermott: 31 (5 Tests) in Australia, 1991-92

Some Great Test matches

1. At Kanpur, Dec. 1959

India achieved their first victory over Australia under the captaincy of GS Ramchand in the 10th Test between the two countries. It was off spinner Jasu Patel who did the damage with nine wickets in the first innings and 14 in the match.
Scores: India 152 and 291; beat Australia 219 and 105 by 119 runs.

2. At Bombay, Oct. 1964

India reached the victory target with just two wickets and 3

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