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Completing the Square: January 2008
Date Subject
27 Jan 2008 The January Disease
Neil Pickup
Neil Pickup is a schoolteacher from Oxford, England, and has been writing for Cricket Web for six years. His highest cricketing achievement is keeping wicket for Thorverton 1st XI in the Devon Cricket League for nine overs, before being forced to hospital with a broken finger.
Recent Comments
Neil Pickup
I take the insinuation that my opening sentence may have been a little on the colloquial side...
Dale Brumby
\"Alright\", Mr P? Oh, that it has come to this...
Zac Ritchie (Perm)
Excellent Neil, really good. It dismays me to see other people with a lack of confidence in themselv
Knew most of that allready, but was still a good read :p