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Best Online Cricket Games

Like most people, probably the first cricket games you played were online. Most of them were tiny, little arcade-style flash games. They were easy to pick up and held your interest for long enough to get you through those hours of boredom. Based on those experiences and through a very flimsy and subjective process of analysis, we’ve concluded that the following five games are the best online cricket games at the moment. Surprisingly enough, most of these games have been on the internet for many years now. With the exception of Stickcricket, we haven’t seen too many good online cricket games for a while now. Here are our choices.

Honorable mention: Little Master. Little Master is definitely the easiest of these to learn how to play because there is basically one ‘control’. You simply move the mouse to swing the bat as you attempt to dispatch the ball to the boundaries of the box. I really don’t know why, but we find this simple game extremely addictive.

Hit the Sign is pretty simple to learn. You have to time your shots by clicking on a bulls-eye and score as many runs as you can in four overs. And if that doesn’t already sound like an incredibly difficult task, you also have to navigate an obstacle in the form of an Australian streaker.

Virtual Cricket has to be one of the oldest cricket games to date. Despite its age, it is probably one of the more complete online cricket games in terms of gameplay, although that’s not saying much. The player is placed into three scenarios as an Indian batsman chasing very difficult totals against Australia. The graphics aren’t too bad, and there are a decent number of strokes available for the batsman to choose from.

BBC’s Last Man Standing was released prior to the 2002-2003 Ashes series. So, it’s also been out there for a while now. It’s in many ways similar in gameplay to Virtual Cricket. The player has to choose between four scenarios all of which require him to come in as the last man standing and secure a victory for England. If you are an English cricket fan, this game might come in handy. Moreover, if you are a big fan of online cricket games, this winner review will be of great help. Online casino goers who are looking to be treated like a million bucks will enjoy the atmosphere that Winner.com has successfully developed.

Next is Npowe Test Series. Another game, another marketing ploy. Lucky for us, this one’s actually pretty good. The player is placed into the role of a batting team and has to score as many runs as possible from 12 overs with 10 wickets at hand. It’s completely an arcade-style game and depends upon your ability to time your shots and adjust to the pace, which varies somewhat wildly, and the line of the bowler. If you are a big fan of cricket games, check out this list to get a full grasp of many other online games that will blow your mind.

Stickcricket. Was there ever any doubt about this one? Stickcricket was first released a couple of years ago and its makers have consistently improved it since then. Not only is its gameplay challenging, it also features a wide variety of gameplay modes, including an online multiplayer mode. It also records pretty in-depth statistics for each player.

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