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Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Cricket


Cricket dates as far back as the 18th century and is considered one of the oldest sports still in operation in a league. If you’re a fan of the sport and you’re interested in betting on it, you can use our blog post as a helpful resource. In this guide, we will guide you through the information you’ll need to grow your betting strategy to maximize your potential gains.

Pick a Betting Site That Offers Cricket Betting

If you want to start betting right away, you’ll need to find a betting website that offers sports-related bets. Not all online casinos offer this, but Casumo betting does and allows for multiple kinds of bets. You’ll also get a few welcome gifts for starting up, like welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses that can help you make your first bet.

Cricket Betting Explained

We’re going to assume you’re familiar with cricket, but you’re unaware of what opportunities you have to place your money in a betting format. Most bookmakers now offer an in-depth menu of cricket betting markets, whether it’s bettering on one-day internationals, test cricket, or the popular T20 format. Here are the most popular markets you can take advantage of.

Leading Wicket Taker & Leading Run Scorer

A hugely profitable market such as leading run-scorer batting inside the top 3 positions, can appear, and it’s smart to bet on the batting line-up in limited over cricket. Within both series and match outcomes, better can also punt on wicket-takers in each match or inning. 

Series Winner & Match Outcome

Sports betting doesn’t get much easier than this because there are only one of two outcomes: either your team wins or the opposing team does. In Test matches, there’s a third possible outcome – a draw. You can bet on the most likely winner, but it’s advisable not to bet on draws as run-rates continue to increase.

Man of the Match

Man of the Match, or the VIP in other sports games when you bet on the most valuable player in the match. There are multiple candidates that could win this title, so do your research on which players are the best of the best. I recommend looking at a bowler that delivers a spell in which he takes multiple wickets or a batsman that can make quick-fire hundreds.

Highest Opening Partnership

This can be an excellent market for punters, but some batsmen will often struggle against a specific bowler. If you research how individual batsmen compete against bowlers on the opposing team, you can see some impressive returns.

The Best Cricket Betting Strategies

Research is going to be your primary partner during cricket betting because without knowing a fair amount about the teams and their players, you’re not going to make a good prediction. Other things to look at are weather forecasts, where the match is being played, and whether or not the match you’re betting on is a Test match as draws can occur during these games.

The venue can even have a lot of say over the way a player plays and the equipment they use. It’s also important to note that home teams are statistically better players than away teams. Not only do they have their loyal fans to cheer them on, but the home team is knowledgeable on even the small things like how hard or soft the ground is.

When betting on cricket, do research on which individual or team is playing on that given day. Even having knowledge on the players’ preferences can make a difference. Does the batter perform better on hard or soft ground? Some teams may even give up halfway through the series or game if they find winning impossible.

One of the best betting strategies is to keep a close eye on who takes a new ball because a new ball can offer a bowling attack a unique opportunity, which will cause difficulty for the batter. Also, a newer ball will fly off the bat at higher speeds. In ODI and T20, pay attention to when a captain is forced to bowl his lesser bowlers because batters are more likely to target them.

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