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Confidence and Hypocrisy


It’s remarkable how two miles and two weeks can spin your life around on its axis, thrusting you from one side of a situation into the other, and forcing you to question everything you think, and everything you believe in.


So, who the heck are you?


It occurred to me this afternoon that I’d never bothered to properly introduce myself in last week’s column. So for those of you who’ve never found yourself being triggered by my right index finger, here’s the first draft of my autobiography.


The January Disease


Welcome to the first of one of Cricket Web’s new regular blogs, Completing the Square, exploring the end of the game that the glare of the world’s media leaves well alone: the layers of the game hidden well beneath the latest scandal about betting, bias or bigotry. The game as played, for love not money, in the backwaters of Oxfordshire.


Brian Lara / Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007 Review

Brian Lara / Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007

At the age of nine, my primary school class played a game called “Adventure Island” on the BBC Micro. It’s probably best described as a very early version of the role-playing game. In several parties, we had to navigate ourselves off an uninhabited island without dying in the process. One of the ways we found […]