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A timeless lesson from Archie Mac


Can today’s England selectors learn anything from a match played almost 90 years ago? Martin believes so and in this feature explains why


The Rebel Tours


Yet another hit for Martin, he seems to be only reviewing quality reads of late. I don’t know about the other readers of this section but I am struggling to keep up with all the titles I need to acquire!


An Extraordinary July Day in Ulster


Many feel that Cricket Ireland’s desire to obtain Test status is an unrealistic expectation but those who can recall a match at Sion Mills on July 2nd 1969 may not. In this feature Cricket Web looks back at a remarkable game of cricket.


The Bodyline Hypocrisy


A ‘Pom’ justifying Bodyline? I will have to read this one! The only thing that is stopping me from banning it from the site, is that I hold the opinion of Martin in high esteem.


Better than Bradman?


Of course not, but history cannot escape the fact that West Indian batsman Andy Ganteaume has a Test batting average that eclipses even The Don’s 99.94. In this feature Cricket Web looks at his story.