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International Cricket Captain 2014 Review


Childish Things release an update to their evergreen Cricket Captain (formerly International Cricket Captain) series each year, and every year I am beset by a quandary – are the year-to-year changes enough to justify purchasing the new version? Especially when, on the surface, the most visible changes relate to player transfers and statistical updates, it […]


The Wine Guy


Stuart MacGill always lived in the shadow of Warne. In this feature, Dan McGrath goes beyond the ‘bad luck’ cliche to look at the career of one of the most unique cricketers Australia has produced.


England’s Woes


Three years ago, England were on top of the world. Ashes holders after an impressive win away from home, they had a settled unit pushing ever-closer towards the #1 Test ranking. But in 2014, the Ashes have been surrendered, the team is fragmented, and the slide down the rankings has been dramatic. Dan McGrath looks at what went wrong.


International Cricket Captain 2012 (iOS) Review

International Cricket Captain 2012 (iOS)

When I first opened up the new iOS version of Childish Things’ renowned International Cricket Captain series, the game mirrored reality. While the real Jacques Kallis made Ricky Ponting fall flat on his face with a yorker, taking his dignity alongside his wicket, the virtual version was making hay after Brendon McCullum fell early, belting […]