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How to bet on cricket in-play


Have you ever tried in-play betting on cricket? If you haven’t, you might assume it’s just a vice for spontaneous gamblers; the types of fans who bet on a whim, using their hearts more than their heads. While this might be true of some fans, in-play bets can also be used to open up new betting opportunities.


Betway’s Betting Partner Deal with West Indies Cricket


Betway is no stranger when it comes to sponsorship deals with prestigious sports teams and events. In 2014, the betting giant landed a two and a half-year deal to serve as a sponsor of the West Ham United Football Club. Two years ago, the company also sealed sponsorship deals with the Cricket West Indies, Betway’s first sponsorship in the sport.


Royal Challengers Bangalore: A franchise not afraid to spend money


Royal Challengers Bangalore have long had the Indian Premier League’s most star-studded team. The IPL club have never been afraid to spend money on world-class cricket players whatever their price. Despite losing three IPL Finals – never winning the league’s top prize – Royal Challengers Bangalore haven’t been conservative with their spending.


A Complete List of the Called off Cricket Matches and What Bookies are Doing with the Lack of Sports to Follow Because of the Pandemic


The 2019 Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been the headlines of any news in the last few weeks. It was last week when the World Health Organization finally called the threat and spread of this virus a pandemic. This makes it an uncontrolled virus for many countries worldwide.
Over 320,000 cases related to this virus are reported to exist worldwide. An astounding number of around 4,000 death toll has been reached. This has affected many people and industries including the world of sports.


5 Tips for Successful Cricket Betting


Cricket is a complex game that can reward you significantly when betting on the sport. Consequently, at 1xBet we have come up with winning tips to enhance and simplify your cricket betting experience. You should follow as many of these tips as possible to become more accomplished. These 5 cricket betting tips will help you succeed.


Indian Cricket Premier League – who will become champions?


The Indian Cricket Premier League, or IPL for short, is a showcase for the world’s greatest talent of the sport. 2019 marked the 12th season for this wildly popular league and it did not disappoint. Throughout the season there were surprises and some truly spectacular performances to remember. At the end of it all, in a climactic final that had fans on the edge of their seats, Mumbai Indians defeated Chennai Super Kings by a single run to become champions for the fourth time.