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New Competition - Indian T20 Tournament 2012
19 Mar 2012
By: James Nixon

We have opened up our competition for the upcoming Indian Premier League which is named Indian T20 Tournament 2012 with all the squads and schedule having been confirmed and as always it is 100% free to join a Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket competition.

It starts on 4th April and runs through to the 27th May.

For those of you that are new to the Fantasy Cricket concept, we would suggest you have a read through our Game Guide which explains everything to you.

Once you are ready to go, head on in and Register and don't forget it costs you absolutely nothing! If you have registered in the past for Cricket Web Fantasy Cricket or Cricket Web CW Games, you can login to your account through the Fantasy Cricket frontpage.

If you have any questions or problems, please log a Helpdesk call. Please let us know if you notice any missing players from the selectable list so they can be added.

To assist everyone in selecting their team for the Indian T20 Tournament 2012, we have put together the following document which you can reference against to assist you in selecting your team.

Download the document. (PDF)

Download the document. (Excel)

Specific Details of the Competition

* Free no cost modifications until 4th April.

* 200 modifications allowed once the competition starts

* A captaincy change will cost four modifications. As explained on the Game Guide page, your captain earns you double points, but you also lose double points.

* Details on how you score points can be found on the Points Summary page.

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