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Cricket Coach 2009 v3.04 released
03 Jul 2009
By: James Nixon

Cricket Coach 2009 Version 3.04 has been released fixing more problems with the initial release.

The official word is as below, and version 3.04 can be downloaded here.

If you have already purchased the game then simply download the above file and run. Then select to install the game onto your computer into the same folder that you installed the previous version. The game will automatically recognise that you already own the game and unlock itself.

If you are currently enjoying a trial of Cricket Coach 2009 then please download the above file and install onto your computer. You will be able to continue your trial but with the new improved version. This is highly recommended.

Key Changes from 3.03

* - Fixed bug which meant loading old saved games caused a crash
* - Fixed kolpak code so that game can load in player database with kolpak player info
* - Added kolpak data to several players appearing for English counties
* - Fixed several database issues
* - Added basic pitch/weather conditions to team selection screen
* - Fixed graphical glitch on player contracts screen
* - Tweaked ODI match engine resulting in higher more realistic scores

Some issues remain with the game and are currently being looked into. For example low scores, dodgy run-outs and database errors. You can be sure that one by one they are being eliminated. We will stop at nothing to make sure Cricket Coach 2009 is the number one cricket game on the market.

Owners of Cricket Coach 2009 are entitled to free updates throughout 2009. Many updates and enhancements are expected over the coming weeks and months.

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