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BLC Video & Full Version Changes
15 Jul 2005
By: James Nixon

Codemasters have released another promotional video for Brian Lara International Cricket 2005, this time focusing on the fielding side.

It can be downloaded here.

Codemasters have also released a brief list of the changes they've made between the demo and full version:

  • The 'fielders bumping into each other' has not been seen in testing for a long time now so rest easy with that one.

  • The No Balls are better.

  • Running around the wicket (and spots on the pitch) have been dealt with.

  • Other things like the speed of the ball being bowled, and bat and ball collision, are much better now and he believes they are the best he's ever seen in a cricket game.

  • Other rules and gameplay refinements - lots of them, and too many to say about here (simply because we didn't have time to discuss them and they should be more implicit than explicit - they should just make for a more-rounded experience).

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