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New Cricket Coach 2007 Demo
11 Sep 2007
By: James Nixon

Rockingham Software have released a new version of Cricket Coach 2007 fixing a few issues that have been found in recent weeks.

The issues fixed are contained at the bottom of this article. You can download a latest copy of the demo for a 24 hour trial of the game.

For those of you with the full version of the game, you can upgrade your copy by going to the official website.



* Fixed crash bug when alt+tabbing in full screen on match view screen
* Fixed rare crash bug when reloading at the beginning of an innings and a catch was taken on the first ball

Match Engine

* Increased probability of a team winning the toss electing to bat first
* Added code to ensure you can't be bowled from a wide ball
* Fixed bug where ground pitch conditions were being reset to incorrect values if a player resigned and hadn't tailored pitch (contributing to very high scores)
* Lessened effect very hot weather has on ball quality
* Fixed rare bug where saving the game before a ball has been bowled in an innings resulted in every following ball being a dot ball
* Fixed bug where player caught on the boundary and was out, but also got six runs. (Although technically in real life I guess it would go down as not out and six if they trod on the boundary rope!)
* Fixed bug where player fitness was updated after the first ball of a session, rather than during the lunch/tea break.
* Made is so players fully recover fitness during lunch and tea.
* Added in several more checks so that it should be impossible for any of these bizzare rare occurances to happen (e.g. 11 wickets in an innings)


* Allowed the replacement of injured overseas players, as ECB rulings now indicate this is allowed
* Fixed bug where overseas replacements weren't possible if you had two or more overseas players already
* Fixed potential crash bug where overseas player being replaced wasn't correctly set
* Lessened the extreme to which you can tailor a pitch
* Increased checks to ensure pitch bounce/turn cannot be out of range
* Added code to jump straight in to the southern hemisphere season if we are starting with a southern hemisphere team
* Made it less likely for players to be rested by the CPU when centrally contracted
* Fixed bug where scrolling the central contracts list didn't effect which players' instructions were altered by contracts menu
* Fixed issue with news item string where a match report headline was reported as "67* for Yorkshire in Yorkshire victory over Lancashire"
* Added support for jpg team logos


* Updated English Regional Trophy playing conditions
* Updated English 40 Overs playing conditions
* Fixed bug where Australian Twenty overs playing conditions were incorrect
* Fixed bug where Bangladeshi One day playing conditions were incorrect
* Fixed bug where non-Pakistani grounds were used for Pakistan's international matches

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