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Zimbabwe cricketers' strike
02 Feb 2006
By: Harry Warwick

Zimbabwe's professional cricketers have made themselves unavailable again after talks between their party and the national board have broken down after the board were asked to review player contracts and payment issues.

The board did not, however, recognise the letter sent to them announcing the strike as official, and they said that they would speak to each player individually instead of accepting the announcement as a group.

"Zimbabwe Cricket has really had it now. The players relented from a similar position to give ZC a further three weeks until the end of the month to pay the large sums of money owed them. They are now simply walking away," said Clive Field, the players' representative who informed the national board of the action.

It is unlikely that the players will accept the contracts unless the payments are sorted out too- an improbable action from the national board.

This issue will probably mean that that the Fairweather provincial one-day tournament will be postponed due to the fact that most provinces will not be able to get a side out on the pitch. The tournament is to resume tomorrow.

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