Richie – The Man Behind The Legend


There is no shortage of reading material available for those interested in the late Richie Benaud. We haven’t got round to reviewing all of the books published about him last year, but have covered three now, all of which are well worth a read


Brief Candles 2


Cricket writing’s answer to JK Rowling is featured this week with an excellent follow up, although the unimaginative title is a little disappointing – how about Brief Candles and the Philosopher’s Wisden for the next one?


A History of Test Cricket


A weighty work of reference for Archie this week, and one which it seems will stay on the shelves for regular consultation rather than be used to prop the door open


Interesting hobbies of five big cricket stars


As avid cricket fans, it can sometimes be hard to imagine our favorite cricket players doing anything besides exclusively playing cricket. However much they love cricket, being a professional cricket player is a job, though. So it makes sense that professional cricket players would have some hobbies they do for leisure outside of cricket. We’ve done our research and found out some of the most interesting hobbies that our five favorite cricket stars enjoy.


To A Legend On His Birthday


This is New Delhi-based author and freelance journalist Gulu Ezekiel’s first attempt at verse. It was written on the occasion of Bishan Singh Bedi’s 70th birthday on September 25.


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Over the coming weeks Gulu Ezekiel will be contributing his thoughts on cricket's history as well as some current issues in the game. Hopefully we may also be able to tease out of him some of his best work on other aspects of India's rich sporting heritage.

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